Month: April 2016

Waste removal and recycling

Waste Removal and Recycling

Waste removal is a pretty hot topic these days. If you’re having any kind of work done at home or on construction projects you have to think about how you will remove or recycle any waste that may be created. It’s certainly something that you have to give ample thought to; you can’t just sit… Read more »

Water coarse diversion in Telford

Ridgewood Contracts worked on a scheme to turn a section of waterway, hidden in piping for more than 40 years, into a brook at Mad Brook, Telford. Part of Mad Brook was previously piped during the creation of Telford, Shropshire, in the 1960s. Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Telford & Wrekin Council created about 100m of watercourse in… Read more »

Options for your driveway surface


The appearance of a driveway is what uplifts the overall look of a property and adds to what is known as “kerb appeal”, an important thing to consider especially when the time comes to sell your house. There are two basic types of driveway surface; aggregate, such as gravel, and smooth, such as asphalt. What… Read more »