Ridgewood Contracts is totally committed to providing a quality service to all of our clients.

Meeting the expectations of the client is founded on, technical and commercial experience, the correct level of resourcing and a desire to perform. We therefore have management procedures in place to achieve this quality service and its continuous improvement. The directors and management of the company instruct all staff as to quality requirements of the company and their importance.

Quality Control Systems

  • In-house Quality Control System is set up for each individual site
  • Comprehensive check list is complied for each site
  • Project Manager/Site Foreman is responsible for all quality control on site
  • Separate Quality checks are carried out by head office management
  • Findings are reported and passed to Project Manager/Site Foreman and signed off on to meet project requirements
  • Follow up is done by Head Office to ensure proper implementation of quality control standard

Quality Management

The achievement of excellence through continuous improvement is one of our key commitments. Working closely with our customers, design teams and sub-contractors, ensures that critical information and resources are in place and the right attention to detail and systematic processes seek to eliminate any defects before they occur. It is policy which has allowed us to develop our reputation for delivering quality projects and service to our clients.

All of our work is guaranteed and fully insured.