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Tarmac: an ideal road and driveway surfacing solution

Tarmac Drives

Due to their longevity, durability and aesthetic properties, tarmac and asphalt are amongst the most well-known and commonly used road surfacing materials. Tarmac – a brief history Pioneered in the 1820’s, a process known as macadamising was by created by John Loudon McAdam and became tarmac as we know it today completely by chance. This… Read more »

The benefits of Grasscrete explained

The benefits of Grasscrete

The use of Grasscrete seems to be growing in popularity, but it’s actually a highly effective system that has been around for a number of years. But, what are the benefits of Grasscrete? Concrete…and grass! Grasscrete is reinforced cellular cast on site concrete within which you can either grow natural grass or fill its cavities… Read more »

How to effectively and safely remove a tree

Ridgewood Contracts Tree Removal Service Staffordshire & Shropshire

Making the decision to remove a tree is not one to ever be taken lightly. Moreover, the decision on how to go about doing it should also be thought through properly too. Ideally you should always use a professional to remove a tree for you, especially if it’s a particularly big tree, but if you’re… Read more »

How a driveway can add value to your home

How a driveway can add real value to your home

A new, or improvement to, an existing driveway may be work undertaken for many reasons. Whether it’s a decision made for practical reasons or simply for aesthetics it’s good to know that the work being carried out will add value to your property. The finishing touch Many of the home makeover programmes on TV understandably… Read more »

Repairing a rain soaked garden

Repairing a rain soaked garden

Hopefully the recent spell of rain is about to come to an end, so summer can finally begin. If you’re a glass half full kind of person who when it rains proclaims “it’ll be good for the garden”, you’ve had a good few weeks! But, when you’ve simply had enough rain, what next? Depending on… Read more »

Repairing potholes in an asphalt driveway


Potholes are the bane of most motorists’ lives these days, with varieties large and small littering surfaces across the country. Cold and extremely wet weather mean that roads take a lot of punishment and potholes are inevitable. Of course it means that your asphalt driveway might also be susceptible and you might find a few… Read more »

Dealing with all the elements of a British summer

Ridgewood Contracts - Groundworks Contractor

The very nature of the work we do means that we’re always at the mercy of the weather. As a professional organisation we take the threats posed by the elements very seriously, whether it be either hot or cold. Hopefully the coming months will see temperatures begin to soar meaning that conditions are conducive to… Read more »

How to choose a groundworks contractor

Groundworks Contractor

Undertaking any kind of groundworks project needs to be meticulously planned and thought out. There are many considerations to take into account; financial, logistical, feasibility. Having made the decision to go ahead you want to make sure that you pick the right contractor to carry out the work for you. But, how do you go… Read more »

Waste removal and recycling

Waste Removal and Recycling

Waste removal is a pretty hot topic these days. If you’re having any kind of work done at home or on construction projects you have to think about how you will remove or recycle any waste that may be created. It’s certainly something that you have to give ample thought to; you can’t just sit… Read more »

Options for your driveway surface


The appearance of a driveway is what uplifts the overall look of a property and adds to what is known as “kerb appeal”, an important thing to consider especially when the time comes to sell your house. There are two basic types of driveway surface; aggregate, such as gravel, and smooth, such as asphalt. What… Read more »