Groundworks Contractor

How to choose a groundworks contractor

Undertaking any kind of groundworks project needs to be meticulously planned and thought out. There are many considerations to take into account; financial, logistical, feasibility. Having made the decision to go ahead you want to make sure that you pick the right contractor to carry out the work for you. But, how do you go about it?

Groundworks form the basis to any construction project, so making sure you have employed someone who is capable of doing the job is essential. Here are a few tips –

  • Check what services are offered and for any evidence of work already completed.
  • Check for any affiliations the company may have or whether they are approved contractors for any different organisations.
  • Ask about their health and safety policies – It’s important to employ a firm who are committed to the safety of their own employees and the general public.
  • Enquire about the quality of plant machinery.
  • Enquire about their staffing and experience.
  • Be mindful of the communication you receive from the outset. It’s important that the flow of information is regular and honest throughout the project.
  • Give them a full brief and time requirements.
  • Be clear on payment terms and expectations. Ask when you will be expected to pay and how payment will be requested.
  • Ask for a full quotations in writing including all costs.

Ridgewood Contracts are a specialist County Council Approved Groundworks Contractor undertaking all aspects of work in the industrial and domestic sector including drive ways, surfacing, waste removal and plant hire. As a County Council Approved Contractor we have in place quality control systems to ensure jobs are completed on time and to the exact specifications.

Health and safety is of the utmost importance to us and our fully skilled, directly employed workforce are trained to the highest standards and are available to work on projects anywhere in the country.

Our employees know that they are all responsible for health and safety and everyone is accountable for their own actions and behaviour. Keeping people safe, every day is the absolute minimum standard we accept and therefore we ensure all staff behave in the right way at all times.

We ensure that there is a management presence on site at all times in order to oversee the work being carried out and all staff have CSCS and CPCS cards. At Ridgewood Contracts, we keep our clients informed of progress and every customer receives a Health & Safety pack containing risk assessments, method statements and training evidence of the staff undertaking the work. No members of staff are allowed to operate any machinery that they are not licensed or trained to operate.