New addition to plant machinery line-up - Ridgewood Contracts

New addition to plant machinery line-up

At Ridgewood Contracts we’ve added a new compact excavator to the range of plant machinery available to hire and work on projects and contracts. The new vehicle has immediately commenced work on a project for Fitzgerald Civil Engineering.

The Volvo EC55C affords great comfort to the driver, offering improved leg room for a compact excavator, built in heaters and defrosters and wrap around glass for an unrivalled view to the front, rear and sides.

The EC55C features Volvo’s latest engine technology, ensuring top performance and economy. Great power and safety is achieved alongside fewer emissions and less noise and the EC55C automatically shifts from high to low speed when working on slopes, grading or backfilling.

It’s important for a business like us offering plant hire to ensure that vehicles and machinery are up to date and in excellent working order. All operatives are fully trained, competent, experienced and carry on daily maintenance checks on all machinery as a matter of course. Ridgewood Contracts doesn’t rely on old vehicles and regularly assess, upgrade and maintain vehicles consistently.

A previous blog offered an insight into the maintenance checks that are undertaken on all Ridgewood vehicles and machinery here