Repairing a rain soaked garden

Repairing a rain soaked garden

Hopefully the recent spell of rain is about to come to an end, so summer can finally begin. If you’re a glass half full kind of person who when it rains proclaims “it’ll be good for the garden”, you’ve had a good few weeks! But, when you’ve simply had enough rain, what next?

Depending on the type of damage your garden has suffered, the remedies vary –

Poor drainage and flooding

Normally rain just comes and goes and your garden can cope easily with whatever arrives. But, if it decides to stick around for a while a wet and muddy landscape can be a problem. What you need to do and is go directly to the root problem and assess your methods of drainage. Some possible solutions may be using your turf more creatively, a French drain or a dry well installation.

Excessive growth

Excessive growth through rain can affect saplings, crops and aesthetic foliage and the solutions are generally the same. However, the following instances may need more specific intervention –

Top heavy trees – Where possible pare back extended branches to avoid them becoming top heavy. A young tree that becomes top heavy is more susceptible to disease and may harm itself with too much weight.

Waterlogged foliage – For younger foliage you’ll need to remove any damaged or waterlogged leaves. More severe damage may require that the plant is removed for the roots to be examined. For any that are damaged, swollen or appear to have become diseased, the only thing to do is to remove them and re-plant in fresh potting soil. If you’re tending to a plant that is too large to move do as much as you can to remove damaged parts whilst in situe and monitor ongoing developments.

Prevention rather than cure

As much as you might like the opportunity to control the elements, preventative measures might be the best bet. For more sensitive plants perhaps the addition of a greenhouse might be the way forward. And, when access underfoot becomes muddy and a bit squidgy maybe a walkway would help?

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