Health & Safety

At Ridgewood Contracts, we place the utmost importance on Health and Safety in the workplace.

We are extremely proud of our safety record since we commenced trading which has resulted in...

0 Accidents

At the start of every single project, our staff are fully briefed on the health and safety implications through meetings and toolbox talks. Method statements are produced for every task which include all activities and time frames and risk assessments are undertaken for every activity. Procedures are put in place for all processes and any new procedures and created and documented.

Our employees know that they are all responsible for health and safety and everyone is accountable for their own actions and behaviour. Keeping people safe, every day is the absolute minimum standard we accept and therefore we ensure all staff behave in the right way at all times.

We ensure that there is a management presence on site at all times in order to oversee the work being carried out and all staff have CSCS and CPCS cards.

At Ridgewood Contracts, we keep our clients informed of progress and every customer receives a health & safety pack containing risk assessments, method statements and training evidence of the staff undertaking the work. No members of staff are allowed to operate any machinery that they are not licensed or trained to operate.




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