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We provide a range of surfacing solutions for highways, industrial areas, housing estates, rural lanes, farms, car parks, footpaths, school playgrounds and domestic residential drives.

We also provide pothole repairs. If your installation is looking old and tired we offer a full repair and maintenance service, from holes to complete re-surfacing.

Each and every surface is installed by our teams directly to ensure a quality surface is achieved each and every time.

We also undertake surface dressing works with large and small bitumen tank sprayers and chipping spreaders for resurfacing such areas as estate roads, farm and large private driveways.

We hold accounts with most major supply companies including, Cemex and Tarmac building close relationships to ensure competitive prices for high quality materials. 

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Tarmac Surfacing

We can supply tarmac with appropriate machinery for large jobs such as highways and roads, whilst hand lay is adopted for smaller projects such as footpaths, driveways and other areas that can’t be accessed by a paver.

We use a variety of different graded tarmac and asphalt products depending on the size of the job and the anticipated usage of the area to be resurfaced.

At Ridgewood Contracts we work closely with a range of commercial, domestic and private clients including local authorities, councils and businesses, helping to provide a high-level of tarmac surfacing. 

Surfacing Contractors Staffordshire and Shropshire - Ridgewood Contracts

Concreate Surfacing

We can supply and lay concrete for a range of surfacing options including yards, warehouses, factories, drives and patios, with everything from the foundation work through to the finished surface. 

Concrete floors are becoming more and more popular in both industrial and residential environments. They are the preferred choice for warehouses and other commercial premises where heavy duty machinery is present, whilst concrete is now being recognised for its versatility as a flooring option elsewhere.

Surfacing Contractors Staffordshire and Shropshire - Ridgewood Contracts

Decorative Surfacing

Decorative surfacing is a popular and versatile option for surfacing driveways, yards, and patios. 

It is sourced from natural quarries and comes in a range of colors and sizes to suit any design style. Gravel surfacing is also very durable and requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term use. 

When properly installed, gravel surfacing provides excellent drainage, preventing the buildup of water and moisture that can cause damage to surfaces over time. In addition, its porous nature allows water to seep into the ground instead of running off and contributing to erosion and flooding. 

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